UPDATE 12 JULY 2021 

Virginia Beach Dedication News

After much delay, we are happy to announce that the VB Dedication Ceremony is scheduled for THURSDAY 16 September 1500-1630 at the Naval Aviation Monument Park on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.  We hope to see you at the Happy Hour directly after the ceremony at Motsie’s Sea Grill, 401 N. Great Neck Rd. #105 Virginia Beach VA 23454.  For those planning on attending the NAS Oceana Airshow that weekend we will also gather at the Oceana O’Club on FRIDAY afternoon.


Click on the picture below for a live shot courtesy of the Hampton Roads Squadron Association of Naval Aviation.

West Coast News

RADM ‘Bad Fred’ Lewis and the Board of Directors of the F-14 Tomcat Monument Association are pleased to announce a change in corporate governance effective 1 June 2021.

After successful monument installations in the Naval Aviation Monument Park at the boardwalk on Virginia Beach, VA, and at the National Naval Aviation Museum aboard NAS Pensacola, FL. the next focus is an installation in a San Diego location, where the iconic aircraft began it’s long and historic naval service.

According to RADM Lewis, “the Virginia Beach and Pensacola sites were fairly easy to determine and construction clearance from cognizant authorities was straight forward. The long pole in the tent for the San Diego Monument continues to be selection of an appropriate site. Several potential locations have been examined with their own pro’s and con’s, but it has been more challenging to work long distance through the various governing bodies in that region.  As leadership of the F-14 Tomcat Monument Association passes to those who reside in San Diego, this noble endeavor will be in the hands of highly capable and motivated Tomcat guys who are well positioned with more knowledge of the local regulatory and political landscape in San Diego.”

In order to guide the latest effort, incoming Chairman RADM James ‘JJ’ Quinn, USN Ret. has selected several other retired F-14 personnel with strong links to the West Coast area, including CAPT Jim ‘Guido’ DiMatteo and CDR Mark ‘Viz’ Vizcarra, among others.

Fundraising will continue as the new Board of Directors and other volunteers work on identifying the best West Coast site for the latest monument honoring the thousands of personnel involved in the design, operation, and maintenance of the Tomcat, and memorializing those F-14 aviators who lost their lives serving our country.

The final Tomcat monument destined for San Diego has been slightly re-designed in order to accommodate 20 more donor names per panel.  Fully subscribing all the available donor names will completely fund this final install.  If you live on the West Coast and worry that you’ll never see the fruits of your donation, please consider donating now! Remember that if you donated for the Virginia Beach monument you are included on the Pensacola and San Diego monuments as well!

New Monument Honoring the F-14 Tomcat coming to San Diego

Pensacola Dedication Ceremony

The Pensacola Monument Dedication at the National Naval Aviation Museum was a great success.

The Monument Board is especially grateful to CAPT Sterling Gilliam, USN (Ret), Museum Director, and Mr. Hill Goodspeed, Historian NNAM, for their support and participation.



We now focus on the San Diego Monument effort.  Stay tuned!


  Click the image below for a video of the installation.







The Tomcat Monument will be funded by donations (made in US dollars) online via credit card through PayPal or by mail using the flyer below with a check to the F-14 Tomcat Monument Association.

ALL AFTERBURNER, MACH 1 and MACH 2 DONORS WILL HAVE THEIR NAME, CALL SIGN (as appropriate), RANK, and SERVICE INSCRIBED ON THE MONUMENT (up to 30 characters, spaces and punctuation included).

Other donations are welcome!


PAYPAL:       If using PayPal, YOU MUST send an email with your postal address, PHONE NUMBER and inscription information (Name, Call Sign (as appropriate), Rank, and Service to


This is so we can ensure your desired inscription information is correct!

BY MAIL:      If donating by mail, please download the Flyer insert your desired information (up to 30 characters, including spaces and punctuation) and mail to F-14 Tomcat Monument Association, c/o The Tailhook Association, 9696 Business Park Dr. San Diego CA 92131-1643