Support the Tomcat Monument!

The official Dedication Ceremony for the first F-14 Tomcat Monument is scheduled for Wednesday 13 May 2020 in the Naval Aviation Monument Park on 25th St.  adjacent to the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach, VA.  All donors are invited to the Dedication Ceremony and to the reception to be held Tuesday 12 May 2020 (details to follow). A second installation will be placed at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL.  Exploratory plans for a West Coast site are underway.

Dateline, February 2020:  Latest from RADM “Bad Fred” Lewis

Thank you all for the overwhelming response to my last NOTAM calling for support for the Tomcat Monument. As of February 1st, the Mach2 and Afterburner donation levels FOR THE VIRGINIA BEACH monument site have been fully subscribed and are no longer available, but there are still Mach1 level slots remaining.  The deadline for donating at the Mach1 level ONLY so your name is engraved on BOTH the Virginia Beach and Pensacola monuments and the proposed San Diego monument has been changed to February 15th! 

All donations received after February 15th will be added only to the Pensacola monument and any future installation.

Thank you all again for your outpouring of support for this memorial to the legacy of the finest fighter ever flown by the US Navy.

Forever Baby!


Construction of the Monument continues in the Ohio factory of Laser Imaging and Design, Inc.   The Monument Association Board has also formally contracted with them for the Pensacola installation, with a tentative dedication date in late 2020.








ADM ‘Bad Fred’ Lewis and CDR ‘Rattler’ Rucker discuss the Monument effort.


The Tomcat Monument will be funded by donations (made in US dollars) online via credit card through PayPal or by mail using the flyer below with a check to the F-14 Tomcat Monument Association.

Mach 2 Level – $1000 – SOLD OUT

Mach 1 Level – $500 – ALMOST FULL

Afterburner Level – – $250 SOLD OUT

ALL AFTERBURNER, MACH 1 and MACH 2 DONORS WILL HAVE THEIR NAME, CALL SIGN (as appropriate), RANK, and SERVICE INSCRIBED ON THE MONUMENT (up to 30 characters, spaces and punctuation included).

Other donations are welcome!


PAYPAL:       If using PayPal, YOU MUST send an email with your postal address, PHONE NUMBER and inscription information (Name, Call Sign (as appropriate), Rank, and Service to  

This is so we can ensure your desired inscription information is correct!

BY MAIL:      If donating by mail, please download the Monument Flyer TomcatMonumentFlyer_Nov2018  insert your desired information (up to 30 characters, including spaces and punctuation) and mail to F-14 Tomcat Monument Association, PO Box 3112 Virginia Beach VA 23454.



A commemorative fin flash coin, shown below, is now available for purchase with all proceeds going to support the Monument effort. Purchase price is $20.00ea plus $10.00 flat S&H for delivery within the USA.

Contact Stu Morgan at